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August 10, 2008


Perception is more important than reality. In my view, the simplistic “Drill Now” is a winning strategy. Your readers understand the issues but a good film-flam man can selectively cherry-pick to highlight what he wants … and deliver the message that he needs to get elected. Walz is offering a DETAILED plan that includes off-shoring drilling --- most importantly he outlines royalty payments. Has Davis ever said anything about royalties ? Has Davis ever acknowledged that Walz’s plan does included OCS drilling ? Has Davis ever acknowledged how many jobs his “Drill Now” would produce IN Minnesota versus Walz’s plan ?

Regarding CAFÉ standards, during the FarmFest debate Coleman was highlighting his efforts to increase fuel affiances … I suspect that Davis was not there to hear that.

One aspect of reality that has not been discussed is, “What if they are wrong?”
That’s right even in areas that are currently being drilled there are plenty wells that never produce. Just ask Exxon-Mobil who spent $200 million on the Blackbeard project going down 30,067 feet in the OCS and then gave up. George Bush knows all to well about dry holes on land and there is no guarantee that what we think is in the OCS will produce as much as we think. That’s why Wind and Solar make so much more sense … as well as energy reducing initiatives like reducing CAFÉ standards.

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