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Mar 22, 2012


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Editor's note: Given that the Obama administration has exceeded the Bush administration's pace in deportation, one can't simply drawn the anti-immigrant lines along party divides, however much Santorum and Romney might like to frame the issue.

Original comment:
So basically you have a white guy leading a bunch of Latinos? What an oxymoron. Oh wait. That's the GOP for you when they find tokens to do their dirty work.

Phoenix Woman

If anyone wanted proof that Norm Coleman's Latino outreach efforts aren't much more than cosmetic, here you go.

Phoenix Woman

By the way, while VoterID proponents can't point to a single case of voter fraud that these ALEC-inspired bills could prevent, we already have nine (and counting) instances of elderly and impoverished persons kept from being allowed to vote by these laws: http://thinkprogress.org/justice/2012/03/22/449243/report-nine-people-denied-voting-rights-by-voter-id-laws/

Howard Dotson

Thank you Blue Stem for your coverage.

There are many Republicans and Democrats with

blindspots when

it comes to being a White ally. We can only lead

from behind. We work to amplify but we do not

speak for those who have their own voice.

Its ironic that the party that led the

emanicipation of slaves struggles with authentic

advocacy. White allies engaged in the zero sum

game of political party calculus will have a

hard time earning the trust and respect of

Latino/as. This applies to both sides of the


Rev. Howard Dotson


Editor's note: Thanks, but no trolling for hits in Bluestem's comment section.

Thanks for inspiring me to write my latest blog posting,
"Liberals and Pretzel Logic"

Rev. Howard Dotson

Don't throw rocks in glass houses?

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