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September 11, 2006


Not long ago, Checks and Balances reported an unsourced rumor that the Gutknecht campaign was going to go negative.
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I suspect that you’ve read the Washington Post story on Sunday about the GOP’s plan to spend mega-dollars going negative. If not, here’s the link.

I think they will use a three prong approach.
#1. Overt – i.e. sending the info to pseudo-bloggers like MDE and forcing the press to publish or miss the story.
#2. Covert through push polls. The GOP has already used push polls in Iowa and last week in Rhode Island. Here’s the Lincoln Chafee story –it’s a good one.
#3. Selective – or should I say Intelligent – voter/issue advertising.
Do you recall back in February when the GOP sent out a C/D to gather voter input on issues … in reality, it was just to determine how to market the Republican team to the voter. Here’s a link to the MPR story with sample questions.

The best defense for Walz is an aggressive early absentee ballot campaign. The Republicans will want the voter to make up his mind early and will launch misleading ads. Walz also needs to couple his campaign with other Democrats that are running … up and down the ballot … no doubt the Republicans will push the voter for a solid Republican ballot … even though I can find so many differences between Gutknecht and Kennedy and Pawlenty.

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