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October 06, 2006


Question : Why is Gutknecht bringing Boehner to Mankato State ?

It may not be to see the fall foliage and shake some local’s hands, but instead to motivate the student base for volunteer and paid jobs.

Key line in the MSU Reporter story :
Riviere volunteers at least 25 hours a week with College Republican events and campaign activities.

I have wondered why Gutknecht seems to be so late to use the TV and Radio ads, but Time Magazine ran a story concerning the Republican strategy. One of the points was :

Caller ID, TiVo, cable channels and satellite radio all make it harder to reach voters than it was just a few years ago, increasing the importance of person-to-person appeals, the hallmark of old-fashioned, grassroots campaigns that used to connote an amateur or a low budget. "You clearly have to have TV ads," says White House political-affairs director Sara Taylor, "but for a little less TV, you can buy a whole lot of pizzas and phone lines and salaries for young men and women right out of college" to make phone calls, knock on doors and recruit and manage volunteers.

In one of Mankato shopping malls, there was a large presence for the Bush / Cheney / Gutknecht campaign in 2004 and it employed a lot of young students … but this year I have not found any site … which makes me wonder if that isn’t being done through people like Ashley Riviere. Rove and Abramhoff started out together in the College Republicans, so I suspect they know “brainwash em early” and they’ll be RoveRobots for life.

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