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October 05, 2006


Foley's actions are deplorable but the lack of oversight and response to the complaints by Republican Rep. John Shimkus and Rodney Alexander are the real issue. Months later, Alexander must have felt that his concerns were not being addressed if he consulted Tom Reynolds ... which leads to the question of who brought it to the attention of John Boehner. Remember Boehner was not the Majority Leader until February 3, 2006 and the Shimkus/Foley meeting occurred in the fall of 2005.

This is just another illustration of poor management by the GOP ( Iraq occupation, Iraq reconstruction, Katrina ) where the assumption is that someone else will take responsiblity to resolve the problem.

Regarding Gutknecht, he's right. This scandal is a distraction and a blessing. There is no reference that he was involved in anyway; so voters although they may be mad at the Republican leadership, may not hold him accountable. He can stand on a higher moral ground. The attention to Foley, means that Gutknecht does not have to answer questions of his own ineffective performance for southern Minnesotans while marching to the orders as a RoveRobot helping corporate interests. The focus needs to be on the deficit, health care, an encompassing energy policy (not just a 10/10 plan), fair compensation for workers and the military, etc.

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