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November 09, 2006


Many pundits talked about the Northeast sector of the country getting bluer. But, when I looked at the election results, I noticed a number of names that lost and not just in blue states. Rejected by the voters were incumbents Chocola (IN-02), Northrup (KY-02), Pombo (CA-11), Hayworth (AZ-05), Hostettler (IN-08), Sodrel (IN-09), Ryan ( KS-02), Taylor (NC-11) and our own Gil Gutknecht. What these congressmen had in common is they were members of the Republican Study Group which advocates fiscal accountability.

Mouthing fiscal responsibility helps to get you elected but when voters see the deficit rising, the pork-laden earmarks rising, the corporate tax incentives being created, they recognize they are being flimflammed.

When you I heard Walz point out the obvious fiscal inappropriateness of the DM&E loan, he was telling voters he would weigh the economic impact (jobs) for his district versus subsidizing corporations at the taxpayer’s expense. But when Walz challenged Gutknecht on his support for H. R. 4761 which concerns itself with allowing drilling for oil on Outer Continental Shelf (that even the Bush Administration opposed as it would reduce Federal Receipts by several hundred billion dollars over 60 years), it was a statement that Walz would stand firm on fiscal responsibility.

Minnesota should be proud to have Walz and Amy (Pay-as-you-go) Klobuchar in Congress … they will watch our pocketbooks like their own.

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