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November 28, 2006


Gil Gutknecht's loss to Tim Walz in the 1st CD was multi-faceted in that Gil gave song-n-dance responses to very direct questions concerning important issues that concern us all.

Gil Gutknecht underestimated the knowledge Tim Walz had about the issues, not to mention the directness that is Walz. People took notice of the momentum thta Tim Walz was mounting as the election wound down.

Gil's voting record support of the Bush Administration over 93% of the time did not label him "Independent".

Gil Gutknechts's lack of real leadership concerning the DM&E Railroad upgrade and Federal Loan put him at odds with most of the voters in Olmsted County. To blame Tim Walz's concern on this issue, bringing this into the forefront is lame at best.

What did it for Gil in a nutshell was the Iraq War. Not wanting to discuss it when he had the opportunity to do so, then making an about face trip there for 16 hours in July, did him in. Gil could not have it both ways and still expect to keep his job.

The campaign got nasty because Gil Gutknecht saw the writing on the wall. His dismal voting record was coming back to haunt him and the Walz campaign deftly saw the weak spots and focused on them. Walz was not nasty by any means. He brought those weaknesses out into the open, gave the facts as they stood, and the people decided.

The man who defeated Gil Gutknecht was himself in his expectation that by doing a "good job" was good enough to get him re-elected. Posture, knowledge of the issues, and a commanding presence are what seperates the DOERS from the FOLLOWERS. Gil Gutknecht spent 12 years FOLLOWING the drumbeats of the GOP. It cost him dearly.

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