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November 30, 2007


Is Dick Day seeking a “theatre” degree ? A photo-op is one thing, but being an actual actor in this dramedy takes it to another step. But not surprising since Day is Out-of-Step with the District … at least the First District that I reside.
This is pure theatre designed to appeal to the people that he is talking to … as reported by
KEYC-TV ''I can assure you every place that I've went in the first district eight out of ten people when I sit down and say what's your biggest concern they say illegal immigration.
WOW – 8 out of 10. Dick, where are you going? By historical polling , immigration has been about deemed the most important issue for 1% of Minnesotans. Most Minnesotans would tell you : Iraq, Abortion, Same sex marriage, Taxes, Health care, Education, Social Security … long before immigration. Republicans typically dominate in using abortion, gays, taxes, and entitlements as campaign issues … the fact that Day deems this to be such an important issue is strictly to appease to a base of supporters … and potential contributors. Gutknecht pushed this issue hard and in the end did not determine the outcome, so Day proclaims it an important issue thus creating it in his supporter’s minds … and they don’t think about the real problems Heath care and the National Debt. But let’s assume that Day was in Congress, does he think that he could get HIS bill enacted … immigration has now joined the list of “Great Campaign Issues That Republicans Never Get Enacted So They Can Be Used in the Next Campaign” along with abortion, guns, gays and entitlements.

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