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November 18, 2007


Any truth to the rumor that Coleman's is debating whether to use "When Your Smiling, The Whole World Smiles" as his campaign theme-song ? ? ?

OK - seriously now, Coleman sponsoring a resolution congratulating dentists for their volunteer work is really standard politics ... these resolutions are done everyday ... (and this is actually a good event - my dentist participates in the program and has participants driving over an hour to get free dental work since they cannot afford it.) The question should be asked, how does Coleman feel that people must rely on this type of program? When you have to chose between heat, food, gas and medical / dental care ... which do you think suffers? According to Ann Vogel (the physician at Mankato’s Open Door Health Care Center for the uninsured) thousands of people use free and reduced-price clinic each year ... and that's just in Southern Minnesota ! So Coleman thanks the dentists for the one day a year ... great ... how about a health care system that can actually help people ? But then again, dentists may show up for $300 fruit plates, but working families just need a government ( and Senator ) that will work for their needs.

I have less of a problem with Coleman sponsoring this resolution than I do for him introducing a Sense of the Senate Resolution - S.RES.371 Title: A resolution expressing the sense of the Senate regarding the issuance of State driver's licenses and other government-issued photo identification to illegal aliens.
That’s right a non-binding resolution !
There are so many problems in America that need the Senate’s attention … but Senator Coleman wants a non-binding resolution. According to Senator Coleman’s press release “At the core, this is a national security issue. Following the attacks of 9-11, we made a promise to the American people to make this country safer.”
WAIT A SECOND …. 9/11 happened in 2001 … six years later, Coleman finally senses that the issuance of driver licenses need to be controlled by the Federal Government?
NO, this is pure politics ... the subject came up in New York (after the practice has already been being done in a number of other states) and was discussed at the Democratic Presidential Candidates Debate.
Pure political theatre ... designed to excite and attract interest and support from a certain segment of voters.

Now, to the Convention.
Did Tim Pawlenty appear at the Minnesota Farmers Union convention ?
Pawlenty spoke at the Minnesota Farm Bureau convention in Bloomington. He said the state needs a healthy livestock environment, which he said requires producers not be hampered by regulations as long as they abide by established environmental standards. Pawlenty also plugged his rural development agenda for the 2008 legislative session, which includes micro loans and investment tax credits for rural small businesses.
Aren't the Farmers Union members interested in these programs also ?
I know the Farm Bureau has endorsed Pawlenty's programs previously, but since Pawlenty is elected to serve all the people, why doesn't he actively engage all farming groups ?

Pawlenty or Coleman ... you get what you pay for .. even if its a $300 fruit plate.

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