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December 14, 2007


Frankly, I am surprised that it has taken this long for citizens express their concerns to Congressman Walz. I wrote Congressman Walz about his vote – Roll Call 365 May 16, 2007 – which he bolted from the Democrat majority ( including the other four Minnesota Dems) to join the Republicans. His response that I received was very unsatisfying. He embraced sanctions … which if you’ve read my blog, you know that I cite many examples of how sanctions have failed.

We need leadership on the Iran issue. After the NIE report, now is the time for a change in approach. On the national scale, the Democrats have an obvious choice … do you embrace Obama coming from the Foreign Relations Committee & negotiations or Clinton from the Armed Services Committee & more Bush-lite warmongering?

Ollie says: The petition delivery certain was not the first time citizens in the First have spoken out about this issue, as loyal readers of this blog know.

A lot of people at the four Iraq War forums this fall stood up against the possibility of war with Iran--we live blogged all four--and there was Neil Haggerud's commentary not long ago in the Fillmore County paper, which we linked to as soon as we read it. I'm surprised that you write as if the Moveon petition was the first instance.

With the NIE report about Iran in, it will be difficult for Bush to make a case for attacking Iran, and Walz's constituents should continue to let him know what's on their minds.

On the national scale, Obama and Clinton aren't the only choices that Democrats have, so setting up a false dilemma that neglects Edwards' position isn't an especially accurate statement of our choices--and given that Richardson, Kucinich and others are in the race, doubly so.

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