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December 04, 2007


Yesterday's intelligence estimate on Iran was the best news I have heard out of the beltway for many months. Clearly, it is going to be much more difficult for Cheney to start a new war now.

It should also be noted that such a public, de-classified release was an act of courage. This estimate represents a judgment that goes against the wishes of the administration. This was not the conclusion that the White House wanted.

As much as I condemn the CIA for sometimes subverting democratically elected governments, I must also note that there are quite a few courageous people working there. Every case of torture reported out of Abu Ghraib or Bagram or Diego Garcia has been leaked by someone who was there. These may be spooks and black-ops experts, but some of them clearly have values that trump the demands of our current corrupt administration. Bravo! And thanks, I say.

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