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January 11, 2008


The Post Bulletin wrote : Walz said he was not calling for an increase in troop deployments in Afghanistan. However, he called for more military support from NATO countries and said the administration must beef up redevelopment teams if security is to improve.

Bad News : U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates is expected to approve a request from NATO for the additional 3,000 Marines, who would be up and running by April to assist the alliance's International Security Assistance Force in southern Afghanistan.
So, although Walz may want more assistance from NATO, DOD seems to be willing to send more troops as other countries are not holding up their commitments.

I am not sure how successful Walz was in pressing the madrassa question with Religious Affairs Minister Attaullah Khan as Pakistan’s Hindustan Times reports President Pervez Musharraf has advised authorities to leave the third phase of integrating seminary students into the general system for the next government.

Bloggers and people who believe in the value of a Free Press should be concerned with how Pakistan is controlling the media. Nicholas Schmidle who wrote a critical article in last week’s New York Times magazine was deported on Friday.

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