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January 21, 2008


Let’s evaluate the idea and not the proponent.

Should the question be : “What involvement should the state have upon how taxes paid by Minnesotans into the Federal Highway Trust Fund through the Federal Motor Fuel Excise Tax are spent in the state?”

I want the state to provide input. My commentary noted how a Republican Congressman from Alaska sent money to Florida that it did not want.

This is my idea … Day may talking up the same idea now, but I have never heard him express it when Gutknecht was represented the First District. Day may be reacting to Oberstar who had money included in the 2005 TransPorktation bill that MNDot did not want. That was the first time that I advocated the state be more involved.

I will admit that sometimes local residents don’t want disruption in their communities and the state and federal government have to overrule.

Day maybe invoking a states right’s case which could appeal to some voters.

Also, earmarks are this year’s Republican buzzword. It is campaign fodder as the Republican record of spending indicates … while challenger Day decries earmarks, incumbent Norm Coleman issues press releases extolling the how his earmarks are critical for Minnesota.

My thought is that the MNDot’s, the Minnesota legislature and the state’s Congressional delegation should agree on a priority list and work to make sure all that we pay in to the Highway Trust Fund be returned back to Minnesota.

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