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February 08, 2008


Online programs are great for those who have not enough time to get full-fledged education.

Ollie Ox: We see from your IP address that you're coming into this site from Minsk, and you tried to link to your site, which looks like a diploma mill from this distance. As a service to our readers, we're not publishing the URL to the site, at which one can buy a high school diploma for $225, guaranteed.

Like Ruthie herself, you're trying to obscure the issue: whether the diploma was earned at a school accredited by a reputable group and recognized by state licensing agencies. (While diploma mill degrees aren't a crime in Minnesota, they are in twelve states).

But then, you're a "Diploma Owner," not a graduate. That, not online education in and of itself, is the problem. There are wonderful online programs run by accredited schools and we hope our readers who seek online degrees earn them at legitimate schools.

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