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March 28, 2008


You [sic] post does require "The willing suspension of disbelief"

FOR THE RECORD [Ollie's note: he isn't providing any records, just an assertion] The anonymous commenter on my blog also contacted me personally and it was not you but a known source. In addition the St. Cloud times also verified everything and made the corrections.

The credibility gap continues and widens on your website [Please be specific. There are nearly 2000 posts at Bluestem Prairie. Can you illustrate the credibility gap, or do you just like to throw phrases around?] .

As for having no respect for leaving incorrect posts up?? We obviously have differing views on what ethics and correctness are. [I could not agree more.]

Good try though in looking so magnanimous!! [Who was trying to do that?]

Ollie says: Nice try. Got an independently verifiable record of the comment on the post you deleted? And the IP address from whence it was posted? Got proof that it matches your "Known source"?

You can claim whatever you want, and your "known source" can back you up, but unless you have traffic logs and the email, your claim is simply CYA.

If you have a sitemeter that goes back that far, let's pick a third party to review the IP address on the email of your your "known source" and the email / IP address of the person who left the comment. If not, your comment here is simply all bluster and no evidence.

As for "the St. Cloud times also verified everything," surely you mean the roll call vote, which anyone can look up, and not the scrubbing of your site.

This problem is one of your own making, and not my credibility. Had you simply left up your correction, you'd have no credibility problem. Ethical bloggers make corrections and leave them up. You simply choose to bully and belittle here. Deeply impressive to my readers, I'm sure.

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