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March 27, 2008


Good catch on the NUJ LTE.
I read the paper yesterday and was surprised that Congressman Walz would not have acknowledged the work done at the local levels. But now rereading it, I see that the writer never said that he was in attendance. I can only hope that Mr. Boettger was making sure that Mr. Paterson got recognition for his work and that Mr. Boettger’s objective wasn’t to smear the Congressman.

I wish the rail issue would get more attention in Congress. The railroads were built for the 19th Century; Congress needs a comprehensive plan for the 21st Century. Congressman Oberstar proposed legislation last session entitled the Railroad Track Modernization Act of 2006 and Transit Rail Accommodation Improvement and Needs Act. It would promote Transit Use & Develop a Rail Infrastructure Program that would create a stimulus package of infrastructure investment that upgrades the pipeline for biofuels – the freight rail system – in order to get an affordable and reliable supply of biofuels to market. I am afraid that the intransitive nature of the Republicans on investing in infrastructure is at full strength again … even though many Farm State Republicans would benefit. It is pretty clear that the cost of the occupation of Iraq has hit the homeland again.
But maybe I am being to hasty in criticizing the Republicans, after all without the leadership of Congresswoman Bachmann on the critical Light Bulb Freedom issue, we would all be in the dark.

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