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May 13, 2008


Will the earthquake centered in Mississippi’s First District cause tremors in Minnesota’s Second ?

Unless Dick Day agrees to “take one for the team”, the First District should be ranked as Strong Democratic. Although a primary fight between Brian Davis and Day may get some media attention and public awareness as they both trash-talk Congressman Tim Walz, in the end the NRCC will look to other races to spend their money.

Besides what you have already written (excellently as usual), incumbent House Republicans are reluctant to transfer money to the RNCC for re-distribution to other races.
As Alex Bolton of The Hill wrote in an article entitled “GOP snubs Boehner’s plea for cash” :
Republican leaders expect much from those to whom much is given. They want senior Republicans to use their fundraising power to help the entire conference.
Boehner issued a blunt challenge to his colleagues last month, telling them to get off their “dead asses” to help the campaign committee.
Rep. Duncan Hunter (Calif.), ranking Republican on the House Armed Services Committee has not contributed to the NRCC from his personal campaign account or his leadership political action committee (PAC).
Rep. Steve Chabot (Ohio), senior Republican on Small Business, has shared none of his funds, either.
Rep. Ralph Hall (Texas), ranking member on Science and Technology, gave $10,500 from his reelection fund.
Rep. Don Young (Alaska), the leading Republican on the Natural Resources panel, has given significantly less than other senior Republicans have. He gave $50,000 from his campaign account in January 2007 and $15,000 from a leadership PAC. Democrats are targeting Young this election cycle.
Rep. Steve Buyer (Ind.), Republican leader on the Veterans’ Affairs panel, gave $28,500 from his leadership committee, Storm Chasers. While that sum might be acceptable from a rank-and-file member, Republican leaders consider it disappointing coming from a senior colleague.
Rep. Pete King (N.Y.), senior Republican on Homeland Security, gave $50,000, a modest amount compared to some other ranking Republicans.
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My memory is not good but I thought that Gil Gutknecht was assigned a $100,000 goal for his sub-committee chairmanship role.
With the number of open seats in Ohio and the need to retain its Electoral College votes for McCain, there will be a lot of money sent to Ohio. Florida is another state where there should be a money demand to protect incumbents.
Congresswoman Michele Bachmann has already received some funding and has a million-dollar warchest ... but John Kline is sitting there with half that and a spendy TV market. DFLer’s need to embrace Steve Sarvi with a strong grassroots effort and donations.

Ollie says: We completely agree.

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