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May 30, 2008


It's difficult to comment on this without knowing the wording of the questions.
How much of this was just pure name recognition? Too often, I find that people generally do not know who their Representative is.
Was there an adequate representation of the district's communities and demographics?
How well did Walz do in Rochester versus his perceived strongholds in Austin/Mankato/Winona?
Walz has gotten good press coverage for his efforts on veterans and farming issues ... those groups may have had a better grasp of who represents them in Congress.
Did the polling group also ask about Presidential (I see that Obama is one of their clients) and US Senate? If so and voters split their votes, that would give a warmer feeling that Walz is truly known to the voters.

What we do know now is the floor for the Republicans ... they can get less than 20%. How high is the ceiling ... that will be determined in November.

All in all, it's good news for the Congressman ... but its way too early as the Smear and Sleaze campaign hasn't really started. If Walz wins reelection by 7-8 points in his first defense that is outstanding considering the strong Republican roots in the First District. The test will be how well Walz can help the upside and downside of the ticket --- US Senate and MN House (as well as supporting Sarvi in the Second).

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