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May 30, 2008


MPR had a two hour broadcast from the Convention floor during the 11-1 time slot and then played Norm Coleman's speech from 3-4:20. It was entertaining radio.

There were more than a few Republican activists who are displeased that Karl Rove is speaking. There were also more than a few that were not happy that McCain and Coleman are carrying the Party's banner. In short, the MN-GOP is DysFUNctional ... and it does not appear that anyone is having any FUN.

Brian Davis made a brief appearance. He differentiated himself from Day be stating that Day will support interference in the alternative energy field (in other words mandates). His punch line was that Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats promised to solve the gas problem and since they took over it's soared. (Comment : This storyline is old already ... no one is buying it ... when will they learn?) If Davis' answer is ANWAR, then he needs to confront Coleman and McCain first ... once again, let me say it -- DysFUNctional.
I never heard Day on the radio ... as he may have offered the same speaking podium as Ron Paul ... outside.
Davis said that until the July filing time, there is no primary challenger (since you cannot file until July) and that Gutknecht regularly had primary challengers. Davis tried to sound authoritative but came across as arrogant.

In discussion of the November elections, Tom Horner (Republican commentator) said the district to watch was the First. Walz would have difficulty as a first-time incumbent ... he later said that if there is a statewide wave of Democratic support that John Kline could be in trouble because of changing demographics. Everyone seemed to be focused on the Third (and slightly the Sixth) .... when will the Democrats learn that the real opportunity is with Sarvi in the Second?

Coleman's speech was received with lukewarm approval especially when he suggested green cards for graduating foreign students (stunned silence) and he dared to discuss climate change. He praised McCain for his efforts to eliminate Washington's wasteful spending ... and then proceeded to cite the many projects that he has brought home to Minnesota (aren't those called earmarks? and aren't those the earmarks that McCain cites as Washington's wasteful spending?... once again, let me say it -- DysFUNctional.) Lastly, Coleman praised the American spirit citing Minnesotans Lindberg and Humphrey ... hey wait a second wasn't Humphrey a Democrat ... what about the President whom he voted with 98% of the time in his first year in office ... oh, I guess Coleman forgot about him.
It was obvious, Coleman is running as an independent knowing that even though the Republicans may not like his votes (ANWAR, SCHIP, etc.), he's not Al Franken.

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