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June 20, 2008


Not quite a classic Profile in Courage moment, but definitely a recognition that each Congressman has a responsibility to vote based on his own convictions and not what party managers dictate. Such a far cry from the old Gutknecht days when his words did not match his votes once Delay told him what to do.

I especially liked the Richard Nixon quote. When you consider this affair, the AG affair, .... and even Waxman's hearing yesterday on how they spend our dollars, there is no doubt that the Bush Administration has exceeded the Nixon Administration ... but I suppose we should not be surprised as Rumsfeld was a player in the Nixon Administration and Cheney was waiting for Ford to take over.

When I read The Hill story last week of the deal that Steny Hoyer agreed to, I knew it was over --- like when a DA has been forced to accept a plea bargain that he did not want.

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