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August 15, 2008


More "vacation" days for Klobuchar and Walz !

Have you thought about a "What I did on my August vacation" posting listing all the public events that Walz has participated in while "on vacation" ? I suspect that if a similar evaluation of the August 2007 recess that Walz had just as many public events ... proving that this is not an election year stunt but an example of an effective committed elected representative.

Ollie Ox replies: Good idea--there's already this post up:http://tinyurl.com/6l7trx

This is a credit to Walz ... obviously there is some chemistry between the two ... and demonstrates a passion for the issue. Klobuchar could have done these alone, or stayed in the Twin Cities area, but she has a committed advocate ready to soldier with her to address proper funding for Medicare. This issue does not get the headlines that a "Drill" stunt does, but many consider Medicare funding (err entitlements if that is your vantage point) at a crisis.

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