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August 05, 2008


Thanks for the liveblogging report.

For someone without a farm background, it sure sounds like Davis came prepared … whatever the question that was asked … the answer was … drill. But maybe he thinks there’s oil in the First District fertile ground ?

Although you mentioned that Davis brought up the Estate Tax in his final comments, why didn’t he mention that in response to Papp’s question of keeping families in farming ? If he didn’t mention it, he missed a softball question and shows that he’s not an experienced or talented campaigner. Gutknecht could always count on getting a good reaction by complaining how the estate tax was killing the family farm … without acknowledging that the current exemption is so high that most would not be affected … plus most family farmers have good estate planning attorneys that can devise plans to keep farms in the family for generations.

KEYC has some film clips which showed Walz sounding like a visionary veteran Congressman who has worked to bring people together while Day’s sounded to be accepting defeat with the comment “Whether you like it or not, the small family farm is gone.” But Davis brought up his engineering background … huh … does he have a degree in Genetic Engineering ?

Ollie Ox replies: Davis worked for an engineering firm for two semesters and summers while in college. The prestigious firm hired him upon graduation, and he worked there 8 months before going on to MIT in 1983 for his degrees in mechanical engineering (biomedical application). He's overstating his experience as someone who worked in the energy industry--and that slim part of his resume was concluded 25 years ago.

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