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August 25, 2008


Penny has been on the McCain bandwagon for a very long time … longer than Norm Coleman or John Kline ( I’m sure your readers will recall Bachmann’s comments at Sherburne County Convention that McCain was not her choice).

Penny and McCain served in the House together … but I don’t know if they served on any committees together.
Penny is a fiscal conservative and opposes abortion so that would appeal to the Republican base. In fact, Penny and John Kasich (ex-Congressman (R) from Ohio and a classmate of mine) worked together on some alternative budget bills during the Clinton years, so Tim knows the value in working across party lines.

Yet, Penny’s big issue has been the national debt and the impact of Social Security and Medicare. McCain has been far from clear as to what he would do about SS … one minute he opposes raising taxable rates … and then “everything is on the table.”

But worst is McCain’s overall tax proposals. Keeping the Bush Tax cuts and cutting Corporate Taxes will not get us to a balanced budget nor impact the national debt. When working families start hearing about his plans, they will reject McCain.

In some ways its as if Penny would rather not embrace his “old Party” since that would diminish his Independence Party … but you gotta like the Pawlenty comment … and he’s made those types of comments before.

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