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August 12, 2008


You were there and heard Davis, but did his voice sound “knowledgeable” or “surprised” about what was in the Farm Bill ? When I read the Post-Bulletin, my first thought was that this guy really doesn’t know anything (other than to say “Drill”). Was Davis at FarmFest in 2007 (as any responsible candidate would be if he was seriously contemplating a run especially one who filed on 6/1/07 )? If so, he would have heard Congressman Peterson state that “We are spending less than 12 percent on farmers. Over 68 percent of the farm bill is for nutrition, for food stamps and the other feeding programs.” This was well documented throughout debate on the bill, so why didn’t Davis object before ?

After all, Davis is getting guidance --- per his website -- Agriculutural Leaders Advise Davis on First District Agricultural Issues.
Well, first piece of advice … take only advice from people that can to spell Agricultural. Second, there is no mention of the nutrition aspects from his advisory group … that’s a warning signal right there … but they didn’t forget to warn him about the Estate Tax.

The other aspect of Davis’s non-answer that is alarming is his other comment. "I would not have voted for the 2007 energy bill, because it did not release the moratorium on off-shore drilling," said Davis.
So, Davis can give an opinion on the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007 which Bush signed into law (and the Senate passed 86-8 and the House 314-100 which when you consider the political make-up of the legislative bodies is rather an empathic endorsement), yet doesn’t know enough about the Food, Conservation, and Energy Act of 2008 (aka the Farm Bill which was also approved by overwhelming margins : House 317-109 Senate 80-14).
Walz nailed him with the comment "The thing about being in Congress is when the farm bill comes up, the buttons in front of you are yes or no. You need to make a decision."
From what we’ve heard from Davis, he will do whatever John Boehner tells him to do.

Ollie Ox replies: No, he didn't sound surprised by the percentage going to what he called "entitlements." We'll have to check around about 2007 Farmfest.

My favorite typo in his press release was "Hartland" for "Heartland."

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