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August 08, 2008


May I refer you to a May 13th post entitled "Big River: one Davis down in Mississippi's First".

Looks like voters in the First District in states that border the Mississppi River do not like candidates named Davis.

Seriously though, considering that TN-01 is a Safe-Republican District, could this be more attributed to a solo challenger versus previous mulitple candidate field ? In the 2006 primary for an open seat, Davis won with just 22% of the vote over many competitors but went on to win the November election with 61% of the vote. Poe who won this time with 51% got 17% in 2006.

The real difference between this Davis and Brian Davis is that he had three terms in the Tennessee legislature.

The "Drill" mantra is working as it feeds to voter's simplistic mindset just as the "They'll raise your Taxes" mantra has worked in the past. I know --and you know as well as most editorial writers and economists -- that it's impacts are largely overstated.
Suggested reading is Kim Strassel's WSJ-Online Potomac Watch column where she blasted the Senate Republicans for participating in bi-partisian legislation (similar to Walz's) since the "Drill" issue is the only way they can win this term. Her message is clear ... this is about politics not energy independence.

Ollie replies: Great minds think alike, MC. Before I read this comment, I posted about the WSJ column in the mid-day digest. Yep, she's steamed about the point being taken off the table, rather than looking to solve the problem. She's about campaigning, not about serving people by solving problems.

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