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October 13, 2008


I wish that was a debate ... what I heard was Davis saying that he didn't have any ideas ... about Higher Education funding ... about Health Care coverage. I tried to go in with an open mind, but Davis is so unqualified and slanted that he is an embarrassment for the Republican Party.

I am more convinced now that Walz would have been a better candidate than Franken to take on Coleman ... he would have been able to effectively tie the Republican-dominated Congress and President to the failure to address the energy situation.

I found Davis closing comments most revealing. He championed conservative values while challenging Walz that he was not the Independent Voice that he promised to be ... so he wants us to vote for somebody that will never compromise from conservative principles ? Walz has bucked the Party so many times on important issues --- FISA, Iraq war funding, AMT, the bailout, etc. -- would Davis ever bolt from the Republican Study Committee ... NO.

His comments about public education were most interesting. Parents trump teachers ... and discipline is a problem ... but didn't he start off telling us that his own daughter wouldn't vote for him ... talk about challenging parental authority !

Walz best line (besides not have discipline problems in his classroom) was about his bipartisan work on Veterans issues. Easily, if he can do it on Veterans issues, he can do it on energy issues ... if the Republicans will play ball.

It is pretty easy to see why Walz would want to debate this guy ... its probably the best way to showcase how effective, intelligent and caring he is.

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