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October 08, 2008


Thanks for the link. As somebody for whom gun/self-defense rights is a Big Deal, I think both principle and opportunism work in parallel on this stuff: it's important to recognize elected officials who do good on the issues, and when refereeing that, to put other issues aside.

Most of the folks in the RKBA community that I know are conservative or libertarians of some sort, but there's all sorts of folks involved in the issues on the left, too.

Worth remembering -- and I do keep reminding this to my conservative friends -- that we would not have passed carry reform in Minnesota, either time, without votes from liberal DFL Senators. (Which isn't to slight the conservative Republicans in both houses, who carried most of the weight, or the DFLers in the House who voted for the MCPPA, both in 2003 and 2005.)

Also worth noting that on a national level, if Al Gore had actually been the "poster boy for the NRA" that he'd been accused of by various folks on the left, from time to time, his margin of victory in Florida in 2000 would have been beyond the margin of (depending on your POV) error or cheating, and he'd never have gotten that Oscar.

Ollie says: For some of us, our civil liberties include everything in the Bill of Rights, including the Second Amendment.

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