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December 01, 2008


I've heard several Republicans grouse over Walz having so much money. I've heard some say that it was the primary which held Davis back. But your analysis is spot on: Brian Davis raised over $1 million and made a rather paltry showing for all of his cash.

As for the primary holding Davis back, I would observe that the primary was the best thing that happened to Davis. Once the primary was over, he no longer had Sen. Dick Day's campaign to copy and pretty much fell off the map.

Ollie Ox replies: We had noticed that Davis often cribbed material from Day (Davis v. Goliath analogy; objection to earmarks in Farm Bill, as opposed to original Farmfest demurral on Food Stamps), but hadn't connected the fall off in coverage. But come to think of it, you're right. Indeed, I think that our friend McPherson Hall at Minnesota Central had made the point about the primary being a good thing for an unknown like Davis.

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