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Jun 04, 2009


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Chris Boese

I really like this. I also especially like the word "miasmatic"-- which is particularly apt for those jungles.

And I still have my copy of June 4 from those days at the UofArk Press. Also still have my copy of Dick Terrill's book on Tiannamon too, altho didn't realize until a year later that he was the same Dick Terrill that I'd taken college English with at UWEC. Life is odd that way.

Sad to say, Arkansas Birds and Muscular Churches and some of those other wonderful Press books (John Holmes essays, Arkansas River book) I was still carting around from those days had to be donated to the Decatur Public Library in Atlanta, because there just wasn't going to be room for them in a tiny NYC apt. It was so painful to part with them.

But I held on to the important ones. Sally Jo, really, 20 years ago? God.

Sally Jo Sorensen

Mencken wise cracked about the jungles of Arkansas, and Gene Lyons took a title of essays about the state from the former's quip.

If I'm not mistaken, Terill still teaches at Minnesota State in Mankatto, right in the heart of my beloved Bluestem Prairie.

Life is indeed odd that way. Thsnks.

John Reimringer

Dear Sally Jo,

I directed WITS (renamed from PITS) under Jim Whitehead's red-faced tutelage when my wife and I were in the Arkansas MFA program in the mid-90s. Now we write and teach in the Twin Cities. What a pleasant surprise when a friend forwarded this to me! WITS was a great program, one of the high points of my time at Arkansas.

John Reimringer

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