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Jul 24, 2009


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Denise Thornton

Getting out of the halls of Congress and into the field, I recently wrote an article for Organic Broadcaster, which serves Midwestern farmers, about researchers' best predictions of climate change for the Midwest in our lifetimes. Check it out at http://digginginthedriftless.wordpress.com/2009/07/14/climate-change-what-experts-expect-for-the-upper-midwest/

This is news we all can use.
Denise Thornton

Minnesota Central

FYI : Kent Thiesse in his May 2009 column in MN Valley Business (unfortantely they stopped putting copies on the net in April) wrote the second of a two part series on climate change and the ag industry.
The title : Not All Gloom for Farmers in Global Warming Debate

Thiesse writes "Agriculture producers that adopt reduced soil tillage and other practices have the opportunity to earn "carbon credits" for some parctices."
Thiesse concludes : "the overall net impact from future production of biofuels will likely be far less on emission of greenhouse gases than some current studies and analysis have shown."
Thiesse points readers to the National Farmers Union site : http://nfu.org/issues/environmental/carboncredits.

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