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Aug 07, 2009


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Phoenix Woman

I have two words for Mengelkoch: Mike Sauro.

If you need further clarification, here's a snippet from the June 5, 1996 City Pages (http://www.citypages.com/1996-06-05/news/all-new-page-3/):

Chief Sauro. Has a nice ring, doesn't it? So far he's only a lieutenant--and that only in name, since he's been put on administrative leave--but Minneapolis's costly cowboy cop, MIKE SAURO, hopes the good people of Beloit, WI will call him chief. Saying he's "reached a ceiling in Minnesota" (meaning, perhaps, the cool $2 million he's racked up in lawsuit settlements and legal fees), Sauro applied for the top job in Beloit. Sauro has a well-earned reputation as a thumper: He's been the subject of a half-dozen lawsuits and some 30 complaints during his tenure with the MPD. Through it all, Sauro's defense is that he's just a good soldier on the front lines of the war against crime.

Two. Million. Dollars.

That was in 1996. (Oh, and if you think that City Pages was being mean to him 'cuz they're lefties, check out the decidedly right-of-center St. Paul Pioneer Press' take on the man: http://home.comcast.net/~martinmoylan/glove_fist.htm)

And while Sauro was the one who'd cost the city the most, he wasn't the only million-dollar baby. I seem to recall that the late lamented Twin Cities Reader had a series on other cops who cost the MPD beaucoup bucks. Amazingly enough, Sheriff Haugerud had to stare down several gun-wielding perps, negotiate his way out of at least one hostage crisis, and conduct a few thousand interrogations of arrestees, and he never was sued once, much less to the extent that Sauro and other thumpers have.

Three Dee

It was really nice article i really like the whole post..
Thanks Tom Driscoll........

Joe Addington

I just thank God that we can get our POST training online in Minnesota now through www.localgovu.com. I know that's making our lives a lot easier!

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