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Aug 22, 2009


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Minnesota Central

A thought hit me as I was driving in Mankato today and noticed a pickup truck that had two Walz stickers on it ... both proclaiming "Veterans for Walz".
That's the Tim Walz story and veterans know it ... always following George Bush, speaking to citizens and trying to improve soldier's and their families lives.
Their paths seem to converge, yet not going in the same direction.

Walz got his first notice by the public when he was unable to be attend George Bush's campaign appearance in Kasota Minnesota on August 29, 2004.
Today, people bring guns and posters featuring Nazi symbols to public events ... but Walz was denied because one of the students that he brought wore a tee shirt that was deemed inappropriate.
Veterans and the military were not always treated they way they should have been ... from body armor to Stop-Loss deployments. Remember that General Eric Shinseki was "retired" after he told Congress that the Iraq conflict would require more troops than Rumsfeld thought.

Three years to the day of Bush's Minnesota visit, President Bush addressed the 89th Annual National Convention of the American Legion on August 29,2007. It was the typical Bush speech ... Sunni extremists, Shia extremists, Iran and the tag line "We're fightin' them over there, so we don't have to fight 'em here."
To people that heard both speeches may have wondered if there had been any change .... but the veterans have experienced the changes firsthand and they knew of the impact to their lives.

It's a new administration. Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric Shinseki says he wants to take thousands of homeless vets off the streets and to help him with that goal, Homeland Security Secretary Napolitano in her remarks at the 2009 American Legion National Conference in Louisville, Ky., highlighted the Department’s ongoing outreach to American veterans and announcing her commitment to employ 50,000 veterans at DHS by 2012.

Walz is still fighting the battle .. but at least this time he has allies in the White House.

It must be quite an accolade to speak to this group and one that Congressman Walz earned.

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