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Sep 09, 2009


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As one of the organizers, I can tell you that it is NOT an official flyer.

Sally Jo Sorensen

Thanks. Could you send a scan or pdf of the flyer you are using? I'll post it here.


BTW-- you stated, "enjoy the picture." What is wrong with the picture. They don't have union-made prepaid signs. They're not organized by SEIU or the NEA. They're not paid by the DNC nor any union to attend (as as happened at a recent union-sponsored pro-Obamacare rally at the Fargodome). They're freely exercising their Constitutional rights to dissent. But somehow, they're the ones who are "astroturfing?" You think that I somehow have extreme views on my blog, but Obama's advisors, some among them who have professed to be communists or proponents of eugenics, are not extremists? That the Obamas' closest associates (i.e., Bill Ayers, Bernadine Dohrn, Jeremiah Wright, Saul Alinsky) are not extremists?

Come on, Sally-- let's step back here and take a rational look at this, shall we?


Mr. Pusateri, these are your people -- no use in trying to run away from them. Birchers, Birthers, Deathers, "You Lie"-ers, Tiller-the-killers. You created them in these last few months; you can't avoid them.

And if you can't figure out what is wrong with the photo, you're not looking.


Did I hear the woosh of it going over his head?

Joel Rosenberg

Wow. Leo and the other folks running the ralloy tomorrow make it clear in their flyer that the rally is for folks opposed to the government overreaching. From this Sally concludes that he's in bed with the folks who are obsessed with Obama's birth certificate.

I mean, like, err -- really?

When Leo asked me to speak on the Second Amendment at the rally tomorrow, I'm pretty sure I would have remembered it if he'd said, "Oh, and it's really about that Obama birth certificate thing, and while you're at it, could you maybe encourage somebody to shoot a gynecologist? I'd appreciate it."

I mean, what's happened to you folks in the left? Did dissent suddenly stop becoming patriot when His Obamaness (pbuh) got a seven percent win in the popular vote over a weak Pepublican candidate?

Hey, fine: you're in favor of the erosion of civil liberties, a government-run health system, and higher taxes. Got it; that's fine.

But how about, until you manage to get the Bill of Rights changed into the Bill of Privileges for Liberals, you just fake it for awhile if you can't actually get yourself to respect dissent.

Give it a try. Maybe you'll learn to agree with the Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, who once said, "We are Americans, and we have the right to debate and disagree with any administration."

It could happen.

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