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Oct 02, 2009


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Minnesota Central

On paper, Senator Rosen would look like an ideal choice … if the choice is determined by “packaging” for demographics …
she’s a two term Senator who won her last election 2:1 …
she’s got a rural background …
she’s from a county that did not vote for Congressman Walz in the past two elections …
she’s a blank slate so she is unknown to many voters making it easy to paint a strong picture based on the following :
she’s got some business experience;
she’s been a loyal Republican opposing the gas tax, etc.;
she worked with DFL members on meth legislation
… oh, did I mention that she’s a woman.

If the 2010 elections are framed based on “keeping taxes low” and “keeping government out of our lives”, then her lack of exposure to international and military questions would help her.

All that said, the most telling to me is that she continually seems to have people reaching out to her (she was mentioned as a possible candidate for Governor) yet she keeps saying no.
You have to wonder when the recruiters are pushing so hard that it shows the lack of good candidates willing to make the sacrifices to get that next elective office. She might be looking at the travel, impact on her family life, time commitment, and realizing that she should have a comfortable re-election contest in November that it would be better for her to stay in the State Senate.
I wouldn’t rule her out, but you have to be surprised that there are not a lot more Republicans throwing their names out there.

Sally Jo Sorensen

One correction to your remarks, which are insightful as always.

You are inaccurate in one fact: while Congressman Walz didn't win in conservative Martin County in 2006, voters there gave him their nod in 2008.

In fact, Walz won every county in the 2008 election

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