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Dec 30, 2009


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Fruit F Fly

This is a brilliant post! Very well sleuthed and extremely detailed. Thank you for your hard work!



Go get him, progressives!!


Wow, an ignorant,racist Republican politician....how typical.

Brian Sanburn

"Wow, an ignorant,racist Republican politician....how typical."

In police work, such a comment would be considered "racial profiling." Did you [PNUT]* really intend to convey that all Republican politicians are ignorant and racist? That's so sad, not only because it's not true but because it portrays you as someone who is committed only to the political party and not the substantive issues as well as not being a realist. After all, I'd like to think that you don't believe EVERY Democratic politician is above board and always does the right thing...or do you believe that?

It'd be nice for all of us, regardless of political party, to find those things on which we can agree and work together to overcome them instead of using areas of disagreement as a tool to divide us -- economically, socially, religiously and Constitutionally.

*Editor's note: Prior commenter's screen name added by editor to clarify that Mr. Sanburn is addressing the opinion expressed in the earlier comment.


Has the Strib covered this? I'd like to see Mike Parry get all the exposure he so richly deserves.

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