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Jan 23, 2010


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Dale Moerke

The Free Press article states that Mr Parry would push for funding to complete the 4 lane expansion of Highway 14. So, it is ok to take my tax dollars to pay for his highway? Well, I've got my own shitty highway that needs fixing (HWY 60). If he isn't satisfied with the highway I suggest he move to a region that offers better roads.

Minnesota Central

FYI : The 2009 LGA for selected cities in Senate District 26 is :
Blooming Prairie $ 689,358
Ellendale $ 136,008
Faribault $5,513,269
Medford $ 183,312
Morristown $ 248,061
Owatonna $3,806,322
Waseca $2,470,280
Note : These numbers are after Governor Pawlenty’s unallotment … which resulted in a reduction of $1,132,384.
IF Parry’s 15% across-the-board state budget cut impacts LGA, these communities would be facing a reduction of almost another $2 million dollars.

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