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Jan 25, 2010


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Minnesota Central

"Only once did he name a specific program--which he called Health and Human Services"

Being kind, one could consider that Parry must be assuming that he will serve in the next legislature with Tom Emmer as Governor since Emmer's plan to erase a budget deficit that could reach $6 billion in the next biennium includes merging the Department of Health and the Department of Human Services.

However, it is more likely that Parry has no real idea how government operates and who receives services. Does he realize that in Minnesota, nursing home residents are the true face of government assistance programs. Medicaid nursing home residents comprise over 59% of the typical nursing home’s clients. Medicaid and Medicare comprise nearly 68% of nursing home resident days and are paid for by the State of Minnesota and the Federal Government. In effect, every cut has a triple whammy to nursing homes as every cut in state reimbursement will also mean a similar reduction in federal matching dollars, as well as reimbursements from private insurance plans since Minnesota has a rate equilization program. The future viability of the nursing home industry is severely impacted by votes that Parry could make.

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