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Nov 28, 2010


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Joey Miller

Thanks for the letter. I am ready to start A New Beginning in Minnesota. To me it doesn't matter what party you are from. If you would like to give me an interview just contact me at millerforhouse27b@yahoo.com. Thanks Joey Miller

Phoenix Woman

"Physical Responsibility"? Would that mean telling Jeremy Giefer to keep it in his pants?

Joey Miller

I am not worried about the leftist views. I believe the citizens want someone who will vote every day in the Minnesota House of Representatives. One little mistake and the Liberal nation goes crazy. I ask you, the voters who voted on funding illegals to go to college? Who voted on making tax payers, pay for abortion? Who voted on allowing a college to add on when it was a want before a need. I will inform you that it was Jeanne Poppe who did all of this. In six years, she has only two proposed bills. The shocking part is she didn't vote for either one!I won't allow her to run as a moderate. The next 2 years will tell you who she really is, as a Representative. She will no longer have the majority to vote safe. Her liberal personality will come out of her. We need a new beginning and I will not stop talking about her record! Miller for House 27B!

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