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Nov 30, 2010


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Phoenix Woman

"Since Pinto's article has established that the victim is Giefer's daughter, one has to wonder: what sort of mother places her own daughter at such risk?"

Apparently, the sort who, since she herself was made into a sex toy by this creep at a very early and impressionable age, never had the chance to grow up into an independent being with a spine, a brain, and/or a moral compass.

But that makes me wonder: What about all the people back in 1994 that thought it was OK for a 19-year-old to knock up a 14-year-old so long as he married her? Did he come to feel that, if he could get away with molesting a girl so long as he married her, he could get away with molesting her child -- his daughter?

What sort of culture is it that pretty much encourages women to be given to men as subordinate playthings while they are still malleable little girls, before they have a shot at becoming adults with spines, brains, and moral compasses?

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