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Dec 29, 2010


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Mike W.

....but the Bartertown on Plato is unlikely cast him into the red wildernesses of Wright and McLeod Counties.

He can certainly join us if he wants. :-)

Phoenix Woman

Geez Louise. I leave these people alone for a couple of days and they start breaking the furniture again.

My favorite thing is that they're consigning Al Quie -- Al QUIE -- to the friggin' outer darkness. Al Quie was the only statewide-electable guy the Frothing Taliban Fundie wing of the RPM has ever produced, and even then he lucked out because of the electorate's being ticked off at Rudy Perpich for the way he got into office; once the public got a good whiff of Quie, they ran straight back to Perpich.

In spite of the growing conservative control over our national and local legacy media, and the insane amount of dough spent by conservative groups allied with billionaires like the Tea-Party-loving Koch brothers, they still couldn't get Tim Walz ousted, nor could they get Emmer into the governor's mansion. Even their takeover of the House was narrow: a thousand votes in the other direction and the DFL would still have it.

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