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Dec 28, 2010


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Minnesota Central

When the Blue Earth county attorney's office and a judge who reviewed the case files issued statements that they did not object to his pardon request, I presumed that they had performed the same review of the database that you suggested … they are the “frontlines” in this process … they failed …. especially County Attorney Ross Arneson.

Thanks for publishing the Purvis letter … his words connote a different message then versus now.

That said, I was surprised when I heard that Will Purvis had written a letter … being from Vernon Center, Commissioner Purvis should have had more than enough exposure to the Giefer families and businesses. And there has been no mention of State Representative Tony Cornish, the police chief in neighboring Lake Crystal and resident of nearby Good Thunder … plus Mr. Cornish has plenty of relatives that live in Vernon Center … Mr. Cornish appears to avoided this opportunity to comment on the Giefer pardon … he either has a strong view on pardons or he had heard some of the rumblings in the community, and just decided to keep out of the discussions … remember the Pardoning Board (Gov + AG + MNSC Chief Justice) submit a report to the state legislature of their findings, so State Repr. Cornish should have known this happened.

BTW, any idea if Sara Purvis Rose is any relation to Will Purvis ? The reason why I ask is that Jeremy Giefer ran an unsuccessful campaign for Vernon Center City Council in 2008 … the seat was available when Sara decided not to defend her seat (instead she lost to incumbent Mayor Robert Peterson.)
I wonder it Mr. Giefer is still on Vernon Center’s planning commission ?


I think I can answer most of your questions Minnesota Central. Yes....Sara is Will's daughter. She did vacate her seat on the city council and did run an unsuccessful campaign for mayor. Her decision not to run for Council had nothing to do with Jeremy, however. It had more to do with Sara's desire to be mayor and take a spot on the Public Safety Commission, a committee assignment that she was denied the previous year. Sara has long had an interest in police related issues.

Jeremy lost his bid for City Council twice. This was his second run if I recall correctly. Bottom line: the majority of the people in this town wouldn't vote for him.

The Commission Jeremy served on is the zoning commission. It's a volunteer commission. He volunteered. I suspect, but don't know for certain, that the city is waiting to see what the judicial system finds in his case. If people want to know what the city is doing about his seat on that commission, they should contact City Hall. Obviously, he is not attending zoning commission meetings at the present time :)

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