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Dec 01, 2010


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Phoenix Woman

What about the concept of pardoning a convicted sex offender so his victim-wife could open up a daycare facility makes any sort of sense to anyone, much less the law-and-order governor who swore up and down that he was never going to pardon a sex offender for any reason?

There are so many layers of wrong to this, it's astonishing that it was waved through so readily. It's almost as if the wheels were greased somehow.

Sally Jo Sorensen

An interesting thought, but I've seen absolutely no evidence for that and the Giefers aren't wealthy by any stretch o.f the imagination

Phoenix Woman

They certainly don't seem wealthy, that's for sure.

So it could just be that Pawlenty and his minders are dumb enough to think that breaking his "no pardons for sex offenders" pledge by pardoning a known molester of the underage so his wife and first(?) victim can run a daycare is just a smashingly good idea.

Considering that he's been laboring since 2006 under the delusion that he actually has a shot at the presidency, perhaps it is possible for him to be that dumb.

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