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Jan 11, 2011


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"Favor gun rights" is not definitive enough. The major divisions are "street guns" and "sport guns" and the design, training and intended use are vastly different. The highest concentration of carried street guns is in the inner cities where there is coincidentally, the highest rate of gun deaths. "More Guns, Less Crime" is a cruel and deadly lie.

I own handguns, have taken the (inadequate) training, and have a permit to carry. What we don't need is modern-day "gun-jocks" like Cornish providing validity to fringe people like Loughner to buy and carry a weapon intended to be used against people. The Minnesota "shall-issue" law passed in 2003 strictly allows people like Laughner who have not been convicted of a felony nor found mentally dangerous, to be granted a handgun permit. These are the "deranged" people who are inflamed by rhetoric and act according to their demons and voices. It requires a special level of denial to think these people are not in our everyday lives and are not listening to, and validated by, the charged words used in political speech.

Phoenix Woman

Cornish forgets that unlike what you see in the movies, humans don't have infallible Bad Guy Detectors hard-wired to their eyeballs, or their gunsights.

The armed civilians he touts came very close to shooting each other, whereas the unarmed citizens who rushed in to immobilize the shooter before he could reload are the actual heroes: http://my.firedoglake.com/scarecrow/2011/01/11/tuscon-heroes-unarmed-prevented-the-armed-from-killing-even-more/


Tony Cornish has always been a cowboy politician from Lake Crystal, where he is sheriff. He has sponsored several pieces of legislation to loosen regulations for guns. Overall, I consider him to be a loose cannon, as many others do in the area. I certainly wouldn't want him to barge in in a difficult gun situation here. Who knows who would be shot. He would probably sort through that decision making process by shooting everyone.


Do you suppose Tony is advertising for a bondage partner?

Phoenix Woman

"Do you suppose Tony is advertising for a bondage partner?"

Hmmm, he does kinda look like a secret bottom under all that bluster.

Jack: Yes, yes, and yes.

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