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Apr 17, 2011


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Bluestem responds to the comment below: This comment is typical of right-wing "arguments" that drawn discussions away from the actual matter at hand.

Let's unpack the logical fallacies so readers can see how it's done.

First, this commenter draws a false equivalence between PAID contracts that the federal government draws up with county jails and a proposal for counties to house state prisoners at the counties' expense.

If the commenter were arguing logically, he would recommend that the state contract with and pay counties for short-term prisoners. He does not.

Next, the commenter asserts that we have too many counties and thus duplication at the local level. Thus, he asserts, this should cause us to consolidate county governments.

This is an argument in favor of conducting government only at the state level, and thus against Cornish's proposal. In short, abolish the county jails, and have one system. Presumably, that means transferring all corrections to the state prison system.

This isn't what Cornish's proposal does. Once more and very very slowly, it sends criminals who violate conditions of their release who have a short time to serve to county jails and doesn't pay the county any costs.

Both tactics are distractions from talking about the merit or lack thereof in Cornish's proposal.

Those commenting here should stay on topic.

Original comment:

I believe now counties already house federal prisoners on contract either waiting for trial or sentencing. I have friends that work in both state and county jails and are overcrowded and "juggle" prisoners on a daily basis to get the maximum number of prisoners because they get a daily amount for each they house that day. Maybe it is time to look at combining counties or reducing the layers of government. Does the state still need 87 seperate counties administrating, purchasing, policing, constructing, lobbying, etc ?? Time to look at the overall system instead of putting band-aids on the sinking ships.

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