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Apr 26, 2011


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I will be blogging about this matter on Friday after I've attended the Elephant Club happy hour featuring Sutton, Brodkorb, Sturrock, Johnson & Anderson the evening before. What's not to like? With luck I'll get a forced group smile picture to tweet.

I comment on your post only now to say that you have it wrong with the "anti-purity" people as you label us (and link to my blog). It really wasn't Emmer being a lobbyist per se for most delegates that was the problem. Instead, he took a diametrically opposite lobbying job on a matter about which he actually introduced legislation in the MN House. In many people's view, that was about as egregious a selling out of principles as one could imagine. It makes running afoul of the ever expanding party platform look like child's play.

Pat Anderson, it must be said, has been on public record supporting various expansions of gambling. To that degree, the comparison with Emmer is not apposite. People may still feel she ought to have divulged her plans before being elected RNC committeewoman but that strikes me as another matter altogether.

John Gilmore
Chair, 65 B
State Central delegate

Bluestem responds: Thanks for the thoughtful comment--I look forward to your post.

Phoenix Woman

I too look forward to see how ShabbosJohn tries to finesse this issue when even Michael Brodkorb not only couldn't, but wouldn't even attempt to do so.

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