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May 26, 2011



Gentle readers:

Let us examine Dagnydagny's comment for what it is: a misdirect in which a mocking tone masquerades as substance.

First, the appeal to authority --with a chaser of a preemptive mind reading as to what my thoughts are about Laffer and Moore, a mild form of well poisoning. Strike one and two.

Second, the WSJ article cited is from 2009, before the tax measures that supposedly created tax refugees in Maryland and Oregon. This is a misdirect away from the more substantive evidence that demonstrates that the actual claim Gruenhagen made--about two specific states--is not correct. Strike three.

Finally, the economists by degree, and lackeys by association, writing in the Op-ed section of the Wall Street Journal, cite studies from the likes of Richard Vedder.

For background on him, see:

But I'm sure this line of refutation will be advanced at True North or some other organ of the right--perhaps even by this same commenter, maybe even writing under his or her own name, but without a smidgen more of a claim to sound logic or evidence that is germaine to what Gruenhagen actually claimed.

--Bluestem Prairie

The comment:

Art Laffer and Steve Moore are, I'm sure, not your favorite economists, but nevertheless they are really entitled to that label. So I don't think we can call what the WSJ has published mere wishful thinking or unsubstantiated thoughts:

Whether it's 1/3 of high earners, or some other percentage, I think the research itself shows that States facing budget problems can't necessarily solve them through raising the top bracket rate. People do, indeed, vote with their feet, at least at the margin, and MN can't afford to lose any more revenue, even at the margin.

Phoenix Woman

It's no use trying to reason with her, BSP: Dagny's a Randroid who takes her nom de internet from the railroad magnate who John Galt rapes into his sex slave in Atlas Shrugged: http://www.washingtoncitypaper.com/blogs/sexist/2009/09/30/books-you-dont-want-your-lover-to-love/

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