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Jul 21, 2011


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Jeff Wilfahrt

Oberstar living on the East coast...

Grandma would say that's the pot calling the kettle black.

Jeff Wilfahrt, Rosemount, MN

Phoenix Woman

Oberstar's not running for his old office any more.

Sally Jo Sorensen

And from many appearances, neither is Chip.

Tony Sterle

I really like the remix. It's a double whammy of poor political choices on Cravaack's part.

Some folks have suggested that he's moving to NH because he's considering a presidential run. This seems possible to me as his wife works in Boston--if he really wanted to spend more time with the family why not just move there? What do you think?

Sally Jo Sorensen

One of the things I've noticed is that few in Minnesota's progressive blogosphere are looking at Cravaack's lousy fundraising and his absence from the NRCC "defend" list, the Patriot Program (Bluestem did that in its first post about the move (click on first link in the above post). The NRCC and Chip both know he's toast.

So speculation that he's going to run for president--given his chronic inability to raise even the amount required to defend an out-of-a-major-media-market congressional seat--seems pretty baseless in light of the facts. Like Cravaack, Bachmann may not have a legislative record, but she is a rainmaker.

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