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Sep 06, 2011


Dipper Well

Typical right wing cry-babies. Tommy needs his Mommy.


Editors note: The comment below is illustrative of the way the right attempts to weasel its way out out of the dishonesty of the Hoffa edits. "Both sides do it" isn't a defense, and neither is lazy thinking.

But a good high school try.

The comment:

I think I am going to need to disagree with everything he was saying as "okay", edited or not. Editing of speeches and taking words out of context are quite typical of both sides of the aisle. Whether making Unions seem violent or making members of the Tea Party seem like racists, the real problem is the people that edit these leaders statements to take them out of context.
I am all for people from either party sounding like idiots but not a fan of twisting words and generating lies.


I am not defending that they edited the comment at all. Actually, I would like news sources to disclose who hacks and dices statements. Most politicians and lobbyists sound crazy when they open their mouth anyways why do we need to do it more?

Editor's note: "Most" don't sound "crazy," and this cynical line of thinking is at best lazy, and at its worst, an excuse used for citizens to opt out of their own responsibility--and that excuse is manipulated by political operatives to discourage citizen involvement.

Phoenix Woman

Ah, yes, the "both sides do it" excuse that Republicans love to haul out when caught at wrongdoing of any sort. It is used not just as a way to weasel out of taking responsibility for the actions of one's side or group, but as a way to lower enthusiasm for voting among fence-sitters and people who aren't strongly partisan. That's why they want to severely limit the number of people who can vote.

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