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Dec 19, 2011


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Phoenix Woman

I told Miss Flouncett O'Parra to watch out for that triple-dipping two-timing four-flusher Rhett Brodkorb! But did Mike Parry listen to me? Noooooo -- he was just too enamored of the glamour of having Minnesota's own Mouth of Sauron there to guide his hand in the fight against Allen Quist to determine which of them would go on to get his butt kicked next November by Tim Walz, The Hardest Working Man in Congress.

Speaking of Tim Walz, I see that the congressman of MN-01 continues to keep plugging away, doing his job, backing good bills, and generally behaving like a responsible, mature adult -- something I suspect none of the persons involved in the Perry-Brodkorb-Koch contretemps have mastered.

Jeff Hanneman

Thanks. I have been anticipating this latest episode of your telenovela. You did not disappoint.

Phoenix Woman

Rhett Brodkorb, Rhett Brodkorb! Whereever shall I go? Whatever shall I do?


Is there speculation anywhere on the timeline of the rumored but in no way verified Brodkorb/Koch liaison?

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