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Jan 27, 2012


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T Pa or Coffee

The Grinch wants the US to set up a moon colony. How soon can O'Parry be sent with a one way ticket to complete an "on site" investigation for possible sites?

Phoenix Woman

By the way, what's up with Parry's other rival, Allen "Creepazoid" Quist? Last we saw him, he was pointing out the franking mote in Walz' eye while ignoring the franking boards in Bachmann's, Cravaack's, Paulsen's, or (Franking) Kline's, all of which are literally an order of magnitude bigger: http://www.bluestemprairie.com/bluestemprairie/2011/12/a-modest-proposal-for-allen-quist-who-wants-to-defeat-walz-in-order-to-reform-franking-system.html

Then again, maybe after getting that magisterial spanking from Bluestem, Quist is too embarrassed to show his face.

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